We need your help!!!

UPDATE: Thank you for your support everyone 🙂. Our facebook page is now feeling much more loved. I will try to post some interesting tidbits there every now and then.

To our dear, lovely WordPress followers…

It may come as a surprise to you that Mr NW and I are closet science fiction/fantasy nerds.

That’s right. We have not yet announced to our nearest and dearest about our geeky extracurricular hobbies. Now, some who have visited our house and witnessed the ever expanding book collection may have an inkling, but this is a relatively limited group.

Why haven’t we told anyone? It’s not because we are embarrassed of being super geeky/nerdy (I never worked out if there’s a difference between these terms). It’s just a blog is more like a new boyfriend or girlfriend; you don’t want to tell your parents until it’s been going on a while. You know, just to make sure it’s serious.

So, how can you help us dear WordPress followers?

Well, our Navigating Worlds facebook page is sad. It has no likes. Not a single one.

Why would I join your facebook page I hear you asking? That’s a good question. Now I’m not going to lie. By joining our facebook page you will get the enjoyment of our company on a social networking site, and also, up to the minute photos of our cat Sweet Pea (she came already named) as well as additional bonus content!!!!

And for a limited time only (get in quick) you have the opportunity to be our first facebook liker. The person who takes up this opportunity will win one high-five, to be awarded in person next time they are dropping past New Zealand. (EDIT: Thank you to our winner. Your high-five will be waiting for you in NZ.)

Please help us out by take minute to stop by and like our facebook page.

Yours truly,

Mr and Mrs NW

P.S. Check out an awesome preview of the aforementioned cat photos below.


A preview: Sweet Pea – less than pleased to feature on facebook

14 thoughts on “We need your help!!!

    1. Thanks! I’m beginning to think facebook is more trouble than it’s worth but I’ll persevere with it a bit longer. Probably soon all the young hip kids will move on to something else and facebook will become the next Bebo. Hmm I wonder what happened to my Bebo account….

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha, it will surely happen! I’m only active on instagram & wordpress, that’s enough for me 😀 i don’t even know what bebo is?

        I do have a fb account, but it’s very private & not linked to my blog. I stay mysterious 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Bebo was a social media site in the mid-2000s, about the same time as MySpace. Maybe not so popular in Germany?
        I’m also keeping my personal fb separate from the blog page. Just nice to have that separation. 🙂

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