The internet knows me!

By Mrs NW

I’ve just discovered this post which tells you the types of books you like reading based on your Myers Briggs personality type.

Normally these things are lame and wrong but this is the most accurate thing on the internet.

My result:

ISTJ: Nonfiction

Practical and dedicated, the “Logistician” ISTJ is a nonfiction junkie. They like facts and figures, they take pride in their work, and they roll their eyes at schmaltzy cliches. Give them an in-depth book of long-form journalism or a fascinating science tome, and your ISTJ will soon be geeking out over all that sweet sweet knowledge.

How did they know I’ve read every single Bill Bryson ever written???

Ok, sorry about that, I just had to share that! I’ll stop jumping up and down now.

P.S. ISTJs are awesome

Can you guess which result Mr NW got?

21 thoughts on “The internet knows me!

      1. Haha, a totally anonymous land surveyor who works in New England if we can believe what your about page says. You are lucky you don’t live here. If you gave away that much information about yourself in NZ someone would pipe up as being your second cousin or your next door neighbour.

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      2. So, are you saying NZ is filled with inbred cousins? 😀
        Nah, I know that’s NOT what you’re saying.

        That is one benefit of living in a country with over 300million people. And considering that even here in new england you can have 6-10 survey companies in a 50mile radius, that’s a lot of people to go through 🙂

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  1. I’m an INFP and I *do* enjoy magical realism, but always preferred sci-fi (not dark sci-fi). I think at the core of my result is, though, that I like situations that are deceptively normal but in reality weird, magical, bizarre, etc. So I agree with the article.

    It actually got several of my family members’ favourite genres right, based on their type. My INFJ husband loves high fantasy.

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    1. Interesting. Mr NW did the test on the page and it told him INFP and magic realism. But then he realised he’d done a more in depth test a work that put him 50/50 on F/T so he’s decided he’s an INTP which is science fiction.

      Perhaps you are on the F/T border as well.

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      1. That’s one way to look at it! There are various schools of thought on personality typing. If you are an ISTJ, you and I share the same two pairs of “cognitive functions” but in very different orders. Cognitive functions are the extraverted and introverted ends of function axes that determine how we interpret the world and make decisions (Sensing vs Intuition, thinking vs feeling respectively). I think of it as a see-saw: extraverted sensing and introverted intuition pair off, as do introverted sensing and extraverted intution. Same applies to T vs F. There are 4 possible axes, but we only ever “use” 2 of them. Of each pair, one function will be “first.” ISTJs and INFPs both have introverted feeling/extraverted thinking, while an INTP has introverted thinking/extraverted feeling instead. Even so, we may not strongly prefer our first two functions which makes it more difficult to determine type. If he is uncertain, I would suggest TypeInMind for good summaries of each type. I hope this isn’t too much! I am just really enthusiastic about personality typing and love to talk about it 😀

        If I can say anything about preferring sci-fi, I don’t read (or write) hard sci-fi and I really just like space operas and fantasy/philosophers in space 😛 Soooooooooo…. my sci-fi cred is kinda low xD

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      2. I love it! Definitely not too much. That’s really interesting about only using two of the axes. I strongly identify with the introverted feeling/extraverted thinking. Have you done StrengthsFinder?


    1. I was waiting for someone to get something that completely doesn’t suit them!

      You have an awesome personality type.

      ISFJ – ISFJs live in a world that is concrete and kind. They are truly warm and kind-hearted, and want to believe the best of people. They value harmony and cooperation, and are likely to be very sensitive to other people’s feelings. People value the ISFJ for their consideration and awareness, and their ability to bring out the best in others by their firm desire to believe the best.

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  2. Wow. That was pretty accurate. Weird. I got High Fantasy, and that’s not exactly what I write, but it’s not far off. Probably Magical Realism would have been more accurate, but what the heck, it was fun! Thanks for the link.


  3. Hmmmm…..that’s interesting. It kind of shows my more recent trend away from High Fantasy to Science Fiction. Strong sense of right and wrong is quickly becoming shades of gray.

    That said, the test said I should like mysteries and I don’t…..the test also said I’m highly self-confident and I’m not…….sooooooooooo…….which ever.

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    1. I wonder if anyone is truly self-confident. Most people have their moments of doubt.

      Sometimes I like to do these in reverse. Like in this case, find the book type I like and then see what that says about me. Just for a bit of fun. I don’t take these to seriously.


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