Mr NW is flying solo this week

Today is Labour Day in New Zealand, so Mr NW and I are in full on holiday mode (Mr NW is re-reading The Lies of Locke Lamora as I type this). Big thanks to Samuel Parnell for getting us the day off.


Samuel Parnell. Photo credit:

But change is ahead. I’m off to Australia for the week. I’m not sure if they have internet over there (Aussies – calm down, I’m kidding) so I will be leaving Mr NW in charge of the blog (and the children, and my just planted seedlings  – hopefully everything survives). I’ll be so disappointed if I come back and find this blog on fire.

He’s promised he’s got some fantastic posts lined up. Now I’ve told all of you so he will have to post them.

E61ECA1A-C8BF-45B1-8F96-264DF396E30BI’ve promised to finish reading The Player of Games by Iain M. Banks on the 14 hour train ride from Sydney to Melbourne. Yes, I do know you can fly and that only takes an hour. I have a
colleague that prefers trains.

P.S. if you are in Sydney or Melbourne and are in the market for a preclinical spectral CT scanner, let me know!


10 thoughts on “Mr NW is flying solo this week

  1. Don’t you worry, MrsNW, I’ll tell on MrNW in a heartbeat if he steps out of line!
    Of course, if he cuts me in on the action, and it is really cool, then I might just be his staunchest witness giving him an airtight alibi.

    I’ve got the Culture novels on tap as well. Should be starting them up in a week or so. I’ve heard that Neal Asher’s Polity universe [which I love] is very similar so I have high hopes.

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  2. Why yes, I think I’d like one of those scanners! Lol! Just kidding! Have a nice trip. If I left my husband in charge of our child and my garden for a week, our daughter would hardly go outside the whole time, and probably spend most of the week playing video games with my husband, and the garden would be dead when I came back. And who knows what he’d feed her. A diet of carbs and sugar, most likely.

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    1. Playing video games is a skill, right? Luckily these kiddos are still at an age where they demand to be let outside to play, though they also enjoy watching Netflix. Mr NW’s biggest worry is that he doesn’t usually do our daughter’s hair, so I’ve had to give him a lesson on tying pony tails before leaving.

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      1. Uh oh! The poor girl’s hair is going to be a mess! Lol! My daughter is three, and it’s the same for us. I always do her hair. Other day I asked my husband to put her hair up in a pony tail so she wouldn’t get it wet in the bath. When she was sent to me, the hair tie was near the ends of her hair. Lmao!

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  3. Hey, I’M in Melbourne!!! 😀 You have a great time! If you are going to spend a day in the city, make sure to check out the shop ‘Minotaur’ on Elizabeth Street, not far away from Flinder’s Station. I’m sure you will love it and MrNW will be super jealous 😉

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