November Round Up

November was our second full month of the blog and man, it went by quickly!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and told us which fantasy or sci-fi worlds they’d love to visit. There are some fantastic suggestions – Neverwhere, Earthsea, Hobbiton. My favourite comment has to go to Widdershins for wanting to live in The Fast and the Furious Franchise.


Mr NW discussed the chances of seeing a post scarcity society in real life. His assessment was HIGHLY unlikely but as Babbitman points out, if we could achieve it, creativity would go through the roof.

You guys kindly put up with my ranting about TBR lists and I’m glad? to find this is clearly a huge problem for anyone who enjoys reading. Congrats to Dragons and Zombies for clearing her TBR list last month and then quickly refilling it with Brandon Sanderson books.

Mr NW finished reading The Palace Job, and I can attest he was actually laughing while reading it. Mr NW spent a whole day switching between fangirling and freaking out when Patrick Weekes retweeted our post.

I’m fairly certain Mr NW hasn’t finished any of the books he started reading, one, because he then started The Palace Job and two, because he has too many on the go concurrently  (IMHO). Actually, he might have finished The Summer Dragon, at least it seems to have disappeared from his bedside table. I finished reading two books this month: The Player of Games and Fade-Out.

Summer Dragon

We found out that there’s a fairly even mix of people who like to buy from bookshops vs those who shop online in The Book Buying Dilemma. Thanks for the great hints on how to find some fantastic deals on books.

I’m still looking forward to seeing all the  snowy Christmas photos (or photo-shopped versions). We got the kids a snow globe today, and Mr just turned 4 was disappointed that there was no real snow involved.

So there you have our round up of November – thanks for sticking it out to the bottom of the post. I’m actually surprised by our month.  I think we covered way more than I thought we did, and I feel like we are starting to get the hang of this blogging thing.  I’m not expecting December will be as busy as I have mad plans for a nice long relaxing summer holiday.

Mr NW has an idea for a post looking at the maps you find in fantasy books and the software to make your own versions. What do you think – are you keen to hear about it?

20 thoughts on “November Round Up

  1. If there is software that can make a really good map of my fantasy world, I’d love to have it! I tried some online engines, but either they were crap or I’m just too technologically illiterate to figure them out. So, I’ve been drawing mine by hand.

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  2. Hello Mr & Mrs NW, Congratulations on reaching two months of interesting reads! Now you are in the swing of things you might want to try new stuff. As you mentioned snowy pictures, you might be interested in the WordPress “Holiday Snow” function. If you activate it (there is a toggle switch on the settings page of your dashboard near to the options to set your time zone) you will get a nice animated snow shower on your site’s pages…however, I don’t know how well snow will show up on your white page backgrounds! 😀 (I’m also not sure if this option is available on all blog themes)
    I am intrigued by the maps topic though, I could map some of the planets I’ve been to for my backstory I’m writing! Thanks and Congrats again!

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  3. I have found that the people who care about maps in books tend to be very passionate about it. The rest of us treat them like those introductions where the author thanks everyone in existence and bores the heck out of their readers.

    On a blog related note, you guys are really doing a crackerjack job of keeping things interesting and gathering the followers. It’s been fun to watch the number of commenters grow and I hope you have a lot of fun over the next year 🙂

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  4. I’d be interested in maps as well! I love it if a book starts with a map! Always makes a good first impression & I like to go back and have a look. It’s a little detail, that makes me believe, the author put lots of effort into his story.
    Sometimes the story still sucks lol. But at least it starts on a positive note^^

    Thanks for the shout out as well 🙂 I am still going strong & loving the Sanderson 😀

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