My current excuses for not finishing books I’ve started reading

I’m supposed to be doing my assigned reading post for the month, but alas, I did not finish Childhood’s End by Arthur C. Clarke so instead here are my current excuses for not finishing books.


1. I’m still reading it

Mr NW often looks at the stack on my bedside table with a disapproving glare and asks “Are you still reading that?”. The answer of course is yes. Even if it’s been a week since I last opened it, or a month or longer. Plus I know the only reason he is asking is because he’s getting worried about the hole in the bookshelf where it belongs. So I let him put it back – but I’m still reading it!

2. A better book comes up

I knew I was supposed to be reading Childhood’s End. It was sitting nicely on my bedside 9EE861B8-2311-4ED7-8E46-20D5788FC113table. But then I was lent a copy of The Wonder by Emma Donoghue. I thought I’d just read a couple of pages to see what it was about. Then just a chapter because it seemed rather interesting. Anyway, next thing it’s 1 am and I’ve finished the whole thing. Whoops. Sorry Mr Clarke. I’d highly recommend it by the way.

3. Some books just aren’t that memorable

There is one book (I won’t name names) that I started reading on three separate occasions. I got more than a 1/4 of the way in before I had the vague feeling that I had read the book before. But I never seemed to be able to finish it, and each time I started from scratch because I had no recollection of the plot or characters. Honestly, ground-hog day or some weird kind of limbo.

4. Reading in bed/starting too late at night

I swear the fastest way to fall asleep at night is to pick up a book and start reading. 10 pages in and my eyes are drooping and everything is going blurry.

5. I’m just not that in to the book

The whole point of the assigned reading challenge was for me to get outside my comfort zone. So all in all my current 50% DNF rate isn’t entirely unexpected. I’m not sure I’m ever going to truly love sci-fi in the same way as Mr NW, and that Arthur C. Clarke book was incredibly dry. I mean, aliens arrive but they are just hanging out in the sky, it’s all good. Maybe something happens after page 50, I don’t know, I’d given up by that point. It would be boring if we all enjoyed the same things right? I knew a girl when I was growing up who didn’t like chocolate. Liquorice or the white jelly bean would probably fit better with this analogy because sci-fi isn’t exactly universally adored, but you get my point. Sometimes even though lots of other people love it, it just doesn’t float your boat. There was nothing wrong with the book per se, but I just didn’t find myself wanting to read any more. Who knows, maybe I’ll pick it up another time and it will be completely different.


Other excuses include I was too busy looking at tall trees

What are your excuses for not finishing something?

29 thoughts on “My current excuses for not finishing books I’ve started reading

  1. Hey,nice change in the template. What brought that about?

    And ahhh, yes, The old standby, “I was too busy looking at trees” excuse. Many a bookworm has fallen into this nefarious trap.

    And I have to agree with you, Clarke IS dry. I tended to enjoy his short stories. I really enjoyed his More than One Universe collection but most of his novels I shied away from…

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    1. Well it may have started with a quest to have a silly falling snow overlay, but it gave me some time to look through all the templates properly. I really prefer this one to our old one.

      It’s a great excuse, you can swap tree for mountain if need be.

      I’ve switched to starting the Mistborn series instead. That was almost an assault on the senses compared to Clarke’s writing style.

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  2. I don’t really have any excuses for not finishing a book. Whenever I don’t finish something, it just wasn’t good enough and didn’t grab my attention for long enough.

    If that happens I like to blame the book 😀 what’s your excuse, book, for being so boring? 😀

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  3. I can get bored quite easy, special if the series has gone on for a bit. Very easy to get sidetracked by new books. I don’t even want to count how many books I have started and not finished.

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  4. Whenever I don’t finish a book, which happens admittedly rarely, it’s either because of rightful indignation (book’s fault), stupefied boredom (book’s fault) or “things happening”. Any way I see it, I’m free of guilt which is always a good thing 😉 Tall trees would definitely fall into the last category 😉

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  5. If I don’t finish a book, it’s usually because I haven’t connected with the characters. Who wants to spend a bunch of time following the exploits of people they don’t like?

    I never could get into Arthur C. Clarke or Isaac Asimov. They’re just so dry….

    I didn’t read much science fiction this year, but of the three titles I can remember, I enjoyed Ray Bradbury’s ‘The Martian Chronicles’ and Ted Chiang’s ‘Story of Your Life and Others’. And I re-read ‘The Martian’ by Andy Weir, which is always a fun book.

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  6. My “excuses” are much the same as yours, though maybe they aren’t excuses as much we recognize that some books just don’t have that spark on an individual preference level. I especially like #3.

    I struggle to finish many books because I get impatient and move on, and often times don’t give a book a chance to develop. I’m also busy during the day with stuff and think “Oh I will read tonight” and before I know it’s way after bedtime and I haven’t cracked the book yet.

    However, I am wrestling with the notion that we must finish every book we start. I feel gulty when I don’t, but I don’t know if it’s peer pressure or my own belief that books should be read to the end. Maybe not every book deserves my attention! 😛

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  7. It hardly ever happens that I don’t finish a book, no matter how boring it moght become, but that last one is my main reason for not finishing it. If a book really is dragging, or has 50000 characters in it (okay I’m exagerating here), that is when I usually sign off 😊

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  8. The Silmarillion— I really want to finish this book, but both attempts get me no further than a few pages in. I don’t know if it will get better further on, but the book starts out like reading the Bible. But I want the background story to tlotr, dammit! 😅

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      1. Good to know. I’ll finish it sooner or later. In the meantime, the Winter King by Bernard Cornwell just arrived in the post, and I couldn’t wait to start it. Lol!

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  9. I can really relate to this post! Firstly, I have books that take a while, especially non fiction, so I’m still reading them for ages, even while I read other things. And like you said, sometimes a better book comes along. haha I’ve had that moment when I realised I’d read something before too lol!

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    1. Haha it’s so frustrating when you realise you’ve read it before. I’ve been caught out by books that have two different titles (as in completely different) in different countries and I’ve thought the author has a new book out.

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  10. Why should we need an excuse for not finishing a book? If the story, or the characters – or both – fail to engage us, why should we struggle on, wasting time that could be better spent on a book we enjoy more? Time’s too short and there are MANY good stories out there… 😉

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  11. All of the above. I did read Childhood’s End for a book club. Being able to talk about it did make it a little better, but it was dry. I’m planning on finishing up my nightstand pile over the holidays. Wish me luck! 😉

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