Each week we will be discussing science fiction and fantasy. This is a page made for lovers of both genres. We will talk about pending releases, classic novels, and just the stuff that interests us. Follow Mrs NW’s journey as she takes on reading challenges set by Mr NW. We would love to hear from you about your favourite science fiction/fantasy books. So, please leave a comment or flick us an email.


A bit about Mr NW

Mr NW here. I am writing a travel blog. Not your ordinary travel blog. There will not be photos of sunsets in Vietnam or bridges in Venice. Here we travel to other worlds entirely, sometimes to different universes. I travel with the ever lovely Mrs NW who has not travelled far from her hometown.


A bit about Mrs NW

Mrs NW here. This is not a travel blog. The furtherest I will travel is possibly the local library. Sadly, there will be no photos of sunsets in Vietnam or bridges in Venice. Here I get to read the ever growing stacks of books that seem to magically accumulate in our house. I travel with the slightly misguided Mr NW who is incredibly hopeful that one day I will love science fiction and fantasy as much as him.

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