Seventh Decimate – Stephen R. Donaldson

I was duly warned. Donaldson loves to write unlikable characters. He most certainly continues this trend in his latest book Seventh DecimateThe main character, Prince Bifalt, is completely and utterly infuriating at times. Funnily enough he reminded be rather too much of someone I know in the real world (I ain’t gonna name names) which isn’t really want you want to see in your fantasy heroes. Yet, when I closed the book after finishing the last page, I found that I actually liked the book. In fact I liked it quite a bit.


The cover art is awesome

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Aliens and FTL/interstellar travel

Two major themes or ideas that have permeated science fiction for decades are aliens and developing the mysterious technology that will allow humanity to travel between star systems with ease. Funnily enough, as a small kid I always imagined it was simply a matter of time before these things would become a reality. Aliens would of course one day visit us and we would shake their hands and have parties. Obviously FTL drives would then be invented and we could go on interstellar holidays. Continue reading “Aliens and FTL/interstellar travel”

Calling all book geeks/nerds

For Fiction’s Sake has made available for download this neat little spreadsheet for tracking the books you are reading. Great for those of us who can’t get enough of crunching numbers.

Spreadsheets. I like them so much that I create menial, inconsequential lists for pleasure outside of work hours. One of the things I track are the books I read and the number of words I read in a year. Why do I do this, you might ask? There’s something satisfying about seeing the word count […]

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Q and A with Mr and Mrs NW

Hi everyone. We thought we’d do something a bit different today and quiz each other. I actually didn’t know the answers to most of the questions I asked Mr NW (we’ve only been married 5 years 😂), so this has been a fun learning experience. Thanks to Arachnid Weaver for sparking this idea.

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Fantasy Maps

I love browsing the fantasy and science fiction sections of bookshops. One of the first things I look at when I leaf through a fantasy book is the map. As much as it irks me to say it, the map (or lack thereof) has a big impact on my initial impression of the book. It really shouldn’t. There are plenty of good books with no maps, and books with great maps and rather plain stories. I just can’t help it! I have a thing for good fantasy maps. Do you remember when you first read The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings and you looked at one of Tolkien’s amazingly detailed maps? A great moment. It’s the first inkling you get that this world he has created has real depth and history to it. Continue reading “Fantasy Maps”

Worlds to Visit

We’ve all done it. Especially when we were kids. We thought about how cool it would be to visit the worlds we read about. Imagine meeting the characters and visiting all the amazing and fantastical locations! I somehow seem to have carried this through to adulthood. My mind is often wandering through the worlds I have read about or even into worlds that I make up myself in my own crazy mind. Yes I know, it’s pretty geeky. But I like it, so leave me alone Mrs NW! Continue reading “Worlds to Visit”

Father Christmas’s Fake Beard by Terry Pratchett.

Here at Navigating Worlds, we (well, especially Mr NW) loooove Christmas 🎄. Mr NW is already petitioning to put up the tree whilst I lament that we are still in November. But this I could buy before Christmas. The kids are never too young to get started on Terry Pratchett, right?

Bobs Books Blog

Fake beardFather Christmas’s Fake Beard by Terry Pratchett. Pub. Penguin Random House, 2017.

If you have ever been out gathering winter few-ooo-well in front of good king Wencelas or sang a partridge in a Pearrrrr Treeeee, then you will love this collection of Christmas seasonal stories by the late Terry Pratchett.

If anybody can wring humour out of Christmas it is our Terry. He even puts Father Christmas on trial for public disturbance in which he pleads not guilty On the Grounds of diminished Existence. His first witness is a 7 year old boy who testifies “Everybody knows it’s just your mum or dad buying presents”.

There are other stories too including the Abominable Snow Baby and the people of Blackbury who make the biggest pie ever.

Easy to read, big font and super silly stories. What fun!!

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