11 Best Fantasy Books of 2017

In our previous post we looked at the 11 Best Science Fiction Books of 2017, and were surprised to find we hadn’t read ANY of them. So did we fare any better with the Best Fantasy Books of 2017?

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11 Best Science Fiction Books of 2017

The end of the year is fast approaching – how quickly has this year gone by? – so I thought I would take a look through the best science fiction books of 2017, as voted by readers on Goodreads. Now we were never going to have read many of these, as over half of them are later books in series, but I was shocked to find we have read exactly none of the books that made it in to the top science fiction books of 2017. Continue reading “11 Best Science Fiction Books of 2017”

Q and A with Mr and Mrs NW

Hi everyone. We thought we’d do something a bit different today and quiz each other. I actually didn’t know the answers to most of the questions I asked Mr NW (we’ve only been married 5 years 😂), so this has been a fun learning experience. Thanks to Arachnid Weaver for sparking this idea.

First up Mrs NW has 5 questions for Mr NW (by the way we didn’t compare notes when drafting our questions and you can definitely tell). Continue reading “Q and A with Mr and Mrs NW”

Fantasy Maps

I love browsing the fantasy and science fiction sections of bookshops. One of the first things I look at when I leaf through a fantasy book is the map. As much as it irks me to say it, the map (or lack thereof) has a big impact on my initial impression of the book. It really shouldn’t. There are plenty of good books with no maps, and books with great maps and rather plain stories. I just can’t help it! I have a thing for good fantasy maps. Do you remember when you first read The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings and you looked at one of Tolkien’s amazingly detailed maps? A great moment. It’s the first inkling you get that this world he has created has real depth and history to it. Continue reading “Fantasy Maps”

Dystopian Show Days

It’s another long weekend here.

They cram them all into the spring /summer months so that you have to suffer through a long dark winter with no holidays to look forward to. Having watched far too many sappy Christmas films, Mr NW and I have decided we are keen to do a Northern Hemisphere Christmas one year. We’d love to go to Germany or the States. Somewhere where it snows. I love having Christmas in summer but eating a full Christmas dinner in 30 degree (sorry, I only know Celsius) heat is a challenge. We can’t even take the kids to see houses decorated with lights because it doesn’t get dark till 9pm, waaay past their bedtime. Continue reading “Dystopian Show Days”

Worlds to Visit

We’ve all done it. Especially when we were kids. We thought about how cool it would be to visit the worlds we read about. Imagine meeting the characters and visiting all the amazing and fantastical locations! I somehow seem to have carried this through to adulthood. My mind is often wandering through the worlds I have read about or even into worlds that I make up myself in my own crazy mind. Yes I know, it’s pretty geeky. But I like it, so leave me alone Mrs NW! Continue reading “Worlds to Visit”