Blurring the lines of science fiction

Thanks to everyone for their welcome back messages. Life got a bit crazy there for a minute. And welcome to our new readers. It’s nice to have you along for the ride with us.

I’ve been lucky to have some adventures while we’ve been on hiatus. I got to travel to the US of A for work. My co-workers visa never showed up so I was travelling by myself but the lovely Southern hospitality made up for that.

Checking out the sights.

But that means I’ve only read two books in the last two months. One was Artemis, which I am planning to review here, but I think I need to skim it again because honestly I’ve largely forgotten about it. I’m not sure if that says more about my memory or the book itself.

The other was I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes. I think technically this is classified as a crime/thriller novel, but it has a bit of science fiction (or science realism depending on how you view it) bent to it.

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