Aliens and FTL/interstellar travel

Two major themes or ideas that have permeated science fiction for decades are aliens and developing the mysterious technology that will allow humanity to travel between star systems with ease. Funnily enough, as a small kid I always imagined it was simply a matter of time before these things would become a reality. Aliens would of course one day visit us and we would shake their hands and have parties. Obviously FTL drives would then be invented and we could go on interstellar holidays. Continue reading “Aliens and FTL/interstellar travel”

Fade-Out by Patrick Tilley (3 stars) – Spoiler Free Review

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Title: Fade-Out 24D80C85-0D3A-485A-A91E-6D862EDF818C

Author: Patrick Tilley

Release date: 14 December 2017

Publisher: Bloomsbury Reader

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My rating: 3/5

Fade-Out was first released in 1975 and aside from a newish cover this edition remains the same as the original. Whilst the quote on the cover suggests this is about an alien encounter, really the story is set around humanity’s, particularly America and Russia’s, response to the threat. Being set in the Cold War era adds tension to the obviously strained relationship between Russia and America, and how they handle the fact that alien crafts have planted themselves in both nations. Continue reading “Fade-Out by Patrick Tilley (3 stars) – Spoiler Free Review”