Reading, reading, reading…

It’s funny how we shift the goal posts. Before starting this blog I was quite content with my average reading pace of about 2 books a year (300 readings of The Gruffalo doesn’t count). But now I’m disappointed that I’m only managing a couple a month – which like a million percent increase on before. So why am I not a million percent happier? Continue reading “Reading, reading, reading…”

Mrs NW’s secret…And thanks for all the follows.

Thanks to Bookstooge for suggesting this post (sort of).

Have you been to the about page on our website? Useless, right? Utterly useless. You were probably hoping to find some information about these so-called Mrs and Mr NW folk who are supposed to be running this site, but nope.

We’ve been holding out on you, our dear readers, so in celebration of 100 followers, we’ve decided to let you in on some of the details. Continue reading “Mrs NW’s secret…And thanks for all the follows.”