Mrs NW’s secret…And thanks for all the follows.

Thanks to Bookstooge for suggesting this post (sort of).

Have you been to the about page on our website? Useless, right? Utterly useless. You were probably hoping to find some information about these so-called Mrs and Mr NW folk who are supposed to be running this site, but nope.

We’ve been holding out on you, our dear readers, so in celebration of 100 followers, we’ve decided to let you in on some of the details.

Now if you’ve been following along closely you will have picked up a couple of things:

1. We are married [I really hope this isn’t a surprise to anyone – the Mr and Mrs thing is kind of a major giveaway].

2. There are little NWs – two in fact – let’s call them Mr Mini NW (aged almost 4) and Miss Mini NW (2).

3. We are based in New Zealand, in the shakiest city, Christchurch.

4. Mr NW absolutely loves science fiction and fantasy, whereas Mrs NW is a bit of a skeptic.

Now you may be wondering how the very cool 😎 Mrs NW, who has slightly poor taste in books, came to meet the rather nerdy 🤓 Mr NW. How were we even in the same social circles?

And this is where I have to share my terrible secret with you, dear lovely followers. You see we are not the “Penny and Leonard’s” of this world. We are the “Howard and Bernadette”.


That’s right. Mrs NW is very much just as nerdy as Mr NW. Mr NW is probably a little bit geekier, but we are definitely equal on the nerd front.

How did we meet? We were studying the exact same degree. A Master of Science in Biochemistry. We bonded over the Krebs cycle, oxidised low density lipoprotein and amyloid fibrils. Before we even went on a real date, we had study dates. See, it’s all suddenly starting to make sense.

But why such different tastes in books? I’m very much a realist, a practical person. Mr NW is a bit more of a dreamer, he’s more creative. I know he secretly plans out his own fantasy worlds complete with maps (even if he won’t show them to me). I want to escape in a book, so I thrive on thrillers and mystery and Bill Bryson (who should be his own genre).

Mr NW made the sensible call to get out of the science game early on. He’s settled into the exciting world of insurance. I got out for a bit doing a stint in earthquake demolitions before getting sucked back in.

The perfect time to start a blog is right in the middle of your PhD thesis write up, right? The best form of procrastination ever. But seriously, why did we start this blog?

A couple of reasons:

1. It’s nice to do something together. It’s not like we can go out a lot and really we are both introverts so this suits us.

2. It’s nice to “meet” and hear from likeminded people. When I first showed Mr NW some science fiction/fantasy blogs he was surprised how much he could identify with them. Mr NW likes to take books to work to read at lunch time and occasionally someone will ask what he’s reading. Serious conversation killer. I’m sure there is a group of people in New Zealand who share his passion but he’s yet to have the opportunity to meet them.

3. It’s fun. Or at least so far.

So thanks to everyone who has supported the blog so far in our first month. We love reading all your comments. I think it’s great we have people commenting with a diversity of views. Having that community is really what blogging is about.

Now you know us a little bit better, we’d love to know what you love best about blogging?

35 thoughts on “Mrs NW’s secret…And thanks for all the follows.

  1. Haha! This is great! I love your cute, quirky story! I’m a fantasy nerd, myself, so I know all about the conversation killer effect. 😂 And as a would-be writer working on my first fantasy novel, finding an audience to give me feedback has been quite a challenge. No one in my rather large family has an interest in fantasy. Only my uncle is committed to reading my work and offering constructive criticism (but as I said, he is also not into fantasy), so I must applaud him for his efforts! If it weren’t for WordPress, that would be about the only audience I’d have. (Even my friends aren’t fantasy fans!) To make the nerdiness worse, my particular interest is in northern European mythology, followed by the history of the peoples who adhered to said mythology. Good luck finding anyone eager to have that conversation! Lmao!

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      1. Very true! What would we do without internet? Haha!
        Could you tell Mr NW that I thank him for reading my work, and would be very glad for his feedback. It’s not compliments I’m after, although compliments are nice too, but constructive criticism is what will really help me to improve as a writer. So no need to spare my feelings. 😉

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  2. I have a sort of similar situation. Mrs Babbit and I met at school in 1985 when we were in a play together. She doesn’t like traditional SF or fantasy very much, but does enjoy slightly unrealistic books. We both loved the Time Traveller’s Wife & the Stephen King book 11.22.63 (and she really likes some of his other stuff). But she doesn’t really go for Dr Who, or Star Wars and found the new Blade Runner film really slow (whereas I thought it was the best thing I’ve seen in a cinema). I’m going to try and get her into some more ‘soft’ fantasy / SF by introducing her to ‘Being Human’ series 1 (a vampire, werewolf & ghost living in a house in Bristol – an excellent representation of the supernatural trying to be normal). Fingers crossed… 😉

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    1. Haha. I’m glad your dog can’t read, all it’s friends would feel left out. It’s amazing getting to meet people from so many different countries. I don’t think reading other people’s blogs is helping with our to be read list at all!

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  3. “We bonded over the Krebs cycle, oxidised low density lipoprotein and amyloid fibrils. Before we even went on a real date, we had study dates”

    Oh my goodness. Well, with 2 little mini-you’s running around I guess it worked out 🙂

    This was a lot of fun to read. And congrats on the 100 followers! That first real milestone is always fun to witness. Just as an fyi though, when you give a shoutout to someone, you might want to think about linking to their “about” page or some post of theirs, just so they get a notification that you’ve mentioned them. That comes in especially handy for when your follower/following groups diverge and the person you mention might not ever know it.

    Looking forward to many more entertaining posts from you folks…

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  4. Congratulations!! I love this post. Much to my mum and dad’s despair, I am also very anti-social (now made worse as a result of my blog). I can hear my mum saying now… “you’re never going to meet anyone if you don’t go out”.

    I dare not say that just because she was married at 21, doesn’t mean I should be settled by now. I love the blog too much to give it up 😊 my favorite thing is the community! We don’t compete for views or pit our blogs against each other – everyone is welcome and we love to share 😊

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    1. Lifestyles have changed since your Mum was young. I do know a few couples who meet online (through gaming). Seems like a better option than a bar, right? I’m not sure about the antisocial part – blogging by its nature is very social!

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  5. Hello to The NW Family, I started blogging as a direct result of liking Sci-Fi. In particular I am a Star Wars fan and like most fans I always wanted a Lightsaber. It took 30 years of saving and waiting but on November 12th 2015 I ordered my first “real” custom lightsaber. It arrived 24th Dec so was a nice combined birthday and Christmas present. Well the company that built the saber has a fan based Forum which I joined. They also have an app where you can design your own sabers and I jumped on it. I was able to post my designs on the forum and made a bit of a name for myself…but as all good stories have, evil lurked in the shadows and clouds that inhabit forums. One particular member decided he wanted to “one-up” me and always tried to make fun of me or my designs but in such a way that he appeared “innocent”. Anyway the situation went beyond acceptable, but when I asked for help from the Admin non was forthcoming so I left the forum. This is where WordPress comes into the story (Thank you WordPress!). I decided to set up my blog as a site where I could post my designs and chat about Star Wars and Sabers to my heart’s content without the Troll interfering! I now continue to design hilts inspired by all sorts of Sci-Fi franchises…and sometimes I design hilts for friends.
    But the best part of this story is that I have met so many like minded but different people to chat to and in some cases have become good friends with. Blogging has helped my confidence and I feel a great sense of achievement with what I have done so far.
    So to finish, I apologise this comment is soo long and I’d like to congratulate you on reaching 103 (as of time of typing this) followers! Keep up the great writing.

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    1. I’m really glad you moved over to WordPress. Your experience on the forum sounds horrendous. But it’s great that you didn’t get put you off writing about and designing sabers. I’ve been part of a couple of forums but normally I’m a lurker rather than a commenter. One forum people were all extremely helpful and pleasant but on another there were people whose goal was to tear people apart.

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      1. Thanks Mr & Mrs NW, for my sins I have returned to the forum in question because I have friends there and I was not going to allow the Troll ruin my enjoyment chatting with them. And here’s the best part, the Troll has since been made a Moderator on the Forum. However both the Troll, and the forum Admin/owners know of my site and have taken a “worried” interest in it! I don’t think they like competition, oh well. Thanks again for the kind comments we’ve had.

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  6. Been there. I resubmitted to another journal after mine. Studying the effect of salinity on ecophysiology of the halophyte, Salvadora persica. Is it weird that I think S. persica is the most beautiful plant in the world? Lol

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    1. That’s cool. If you didn’t think it was, would you really be doing a PhD hahaha. I’m a bit the same about my macrophages. I’ve spent so much time isolating and culturing them, I get very sad when they get a fungal contamination.

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  7. You can add another ‘follower’ to your tally 😀 … Hi there. This is the best ‘about me’ page! …

    I got into my blog because I thought my novel was getting close to being ready to submit to publishing houses and I needed a ‘platform’. My first post was waaaaay back in September 2010.

    Since then I’ve been through the grand adventure of actually being published, unfortunately my publisher turned out to be an absolute … erm, are we allowed to swear here? … let’s just go with ‘unprofessional incompetent saboteur’ … after many, many, many, frustrating years wherein I waited out my contract, last year my manuscript finally became my own again. Right now I’m in the process of rewriting an ‘Author Preferred Edition’ (which is why there’s not much about it currently on my blog, though it still has it’s own page) as it’s euphemistically known, and will self-publish sometime in 2018.
    The whole experience has been a steep (vertical) learning curve, that’s for sure. 🙂

    Blogging keeps me writing in a way that’s immediately accessible, but it was never going to be ‘all about my writing’ as some author blogs are, and these days I’m not all that able to physically travel, so I get to meet all sorts of people from all over the world … and that is the greatest adventure ever. 🙂

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    1. Thank you. Wow, 2010… you’re practically a blogging veteran. I’m amazed at how many talented and creative writers are here on WordPress.

      Your journey to getting your novel published sounds like a nightmare! I’m not surprised it makes you want to swear. Haha “author preferred” love that. I know a few people in the writing world and it sounds like really, really hard work but everyone loves what they do.

      I hope everything for the final bit of the road to getting published is much smoother!

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  8. Congratulations on 100 followers!! This was lovely to read and it was really great to get to know you both better!! I love the story of how you met and “bonded over the Krebs cycle, oxidised low density lipoprotein and amyloid fibrils”- lol!

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  9. Yes, you’re right: book blogging is FUN, indeed.
    It is because you can share your favorite stories with like-minded people, and discover new ones (never mind that your TBR pile grows beyond proportions like the Blob… 😀 ) and what’s more important is that book lovers are unfailingly nice people, people that make interacting with them a real joy. So… welcome to the fun! 🙂

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  10. You do know that the World Science Fiction Convention is likely to be coming to Wellington NZ in 2020, right? I’m saving up already. It’s a long way from England!

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