Very excited about this…

Those of you on Twitter may have already seen this but Mr NW is super stoked about this soon to be released 10th anniversary edition of The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.

I (Mrs NW) only just finished reading it for the first time last week and will be posting my thoughts on the book – better late than never, right! I have to say this new version with the additional artwork and red pages looks amazing.


Even better, it is actually going to be available for purchase here in New Zealand (Mighty Ape is stocking it for the not too ridiculous price of NZD$63.99 – though much dearer than the Amazon pre-order price). You see typically we miss out on new releases of books like this altogether and have to get them shipped from the US or UK.

So that’s Mr NW’s 5th wedding anniversary gift sorted!

Are you excited or ambivalent about this new edition?

22 thoughts on “Very excited about this…

  1. Greetings from Australia to New Zealand! It’s so cool that you both love Fantasy & Scifi! My partner mostly just reads biographies 😀

    I loved the Rothfuss books so far but don’t own them anymore. I might try to get this version as well as I probably want to reread at some point and its pretty!! Red pages?! I’m a fan!

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    1. Thanks for reading. Nice to have another Southern Hemisphere-er! I’m pretty new to the sci-fi/fantasy genres. Mr NW has been trying to convince me to read some since we started dating. But I’m enjoying it so far! I agree, this edition is pretty. It would certainly look cool in the bookcase.

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  2. I hope you can keep that same level of excitement over the next decade. Because that’s probably how long it will be before he ever gets around to releasing the final book in this trilogy 😉

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    1. Haha that is a good point! I’ve heard the prospect of the final book being released any time soon is not good. Luckily my husband has a huge pile of books for me to read in the meantime. Hopefully Pat Rothfuss doesn’t get too distracted by the TV/movie adaptation.

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  3. I love Rothfuss’s Kingkiller series but he still hasn’t finished it. The series is 10 years old. He’s killing me! The book looks great, but I’m not buying anything of his until the series is done, if I live long enough… 😀 😀

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      1. That makes the wait seem even longer, doesn’t it? I have some authors I enjoy but don’t follow too closely and it’s always a pleasant surprise when a new book comes out. I guess it’s a huge commitment to write the whole series up front before publishing because you don’t know how it will be received, but then you do leave a loyal following hanging for years and years.

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  4. It looks absolutely lovely. I’m probably with the Bookstooge though. I would be downright over the moon with anticipation if we knew when the final instalment was due. I would dearly love to know how it all concludes.
    But – yes, beautiful.
    Lynn 😀

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    1. What is more frustrating? Having no idea when the next instalment will come or have deadlines that pass with no book? I really don’t know why you would release a triology that clearly has no resolution until book three without at least having a fairly good idea of when you would publish the last book. It wouldn’t be so bad if the story was more self-contained within each novel.


      1. Yeah. Agree. At the end of the day I suppose Mr Rothfuss wants to be happy with his work. And I have plenty more books to read so it isn’t a problem really, just that I would love to have a resolution and to know what happens. As it is you’re just waiting around with no suggestion of an end in sight. Still, all good things to those that wait.

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      1. You have good taste. I have read the first two books of Abercrombie’s Shattered Sea trilogy and intend on starting The Blade Itself soon. Have you tried any of the Mistborn series?


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