Q and A with Mr and Mrs NW

Hi everyone. We thought we’d do something a bit different today and quiz each other. I actually didn’t know the answers to most of the questions I asked Mr NW (we’ve only been married 5 years 😂), so this has been a fun learning experience. Thanks to Arachnid Weaver for sparking this idea.

First up Mrs NW has 5 questions for Mr NW (by the way we didn’t compare notes when drafting our questions and you can definitely tell).

Q1. What was the first science fiction book you read, and what was the first fantasy book?

Science fiction book was Dune. I first tried to read it when I was 7 but didn’t actually manage it until my mid-teens. The fantasy book was either Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone or The Hobbit. That’s if you don’t count things like Goosebumps and Star Wars comics.

Q2. If you could meet one author in real life who would it be?

Scott Lynch because he’s clever and funny.

Follow up question: Have you ever met any of your favourite authors?


Q3. If you had to recommend one book what would it be?

Magician by Raymond Feist [no explanation provided]

Q4. Which book have you re-read the most and how many times have you read it?

It’s a four way tie between Eragon, The Hobbit, The Lies of Locke Lamora and The Republic of Thieves. I’ve read them all 3 times.

Last question:

Q5. Tell us one surprising fact about yourself?

I’ve never traveled outside of New Zealand.


But when the scenery at home is this good….


Alright, Mrs NW’s turn.

Q1. Who’s your favourite author and why?

Bill Bryson because he is hillaaaarious.

Q2. What would you choose as a superpower?


Q3. Which fantasy world would you visit?

The Carpet from The Carpet People by Terry Pratchett


Do you think there are any little people in there?


Q4. If you could bring back three people from the dead to have dinner with who would you choose?

Jesus, Marie Curie, and someone who lived their final moments in the shadow of Mt Vesuvius.

Final question:

Q5. What is the dumbest thing you’ve done?

Are we talking about in the last week? Dropped my phone in the loo.


What was the first science fiction or fantasy book you read?

7 thoughts on “Q and A with Mr and Mrs NW

  1. Great questions and answers! The carpet people?! Really? Lol! I tried reading that, just because I’m a big Terry Prattchett fan, but couldn’t get into it.
    As a kid, I read goosebumps, and very glad that is behind me and I discovered better books. I’m not sure what the first fantasy book I ever read was. Does mythology count? In middle school, I started reading anything about mythology that I could get my hands on. As a teenager, my little brother introduced me to Harry Potter. He’d ask me to read it to him at bed time, so I only read bits and pieces. It wasn’t until I was 18 that I read it all the way through. So, probably that and the Lord of the Rings, followed by my first Discworld books.

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    1. Actually, my other choice for a world to visit would be The Magic Faraway tree, which I never got more than a chapter of at a time.
      R L Stein was seriously prolific at writing. It seems like there were endless goosebumps books. I hated the choose your own path ones.
      Mythology definitely counts. My only experience with it is from studying Latin and learning about the underworld etc – I’ve read nothing written in English. That’s cool you got into it at a young age 😃

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      1. I’ve never heard of the Magic Faraway tree. What is that? Also, never read the choose your own path books. Someone I used to chat with on Facebook introduced me to the concept of interactive books, most of what I’ve seen were utter garbage, though. I was considering giving that a try, but it’s not really a task I want to take on solo, and will have to wait at least until I finish my current series. R L Stein’s books were among the few I had access to growing up. Apart from a hand full of mediocre to bad novels, the best reading material in the house was war history books which used to belong to my grandfather. I didn’t even know that the hobbit was a book until after highschool! In school, the majority of my English teachers seemed to think Robert Frost was the greatest poet of all times! Talk about boring. It wasn’t until my last year of highschool that I got an English teacher with good taste in literature, who finally showed me the way to what I sought: epics and fantasy!
        I was in a christian school when I got into Greek mythology, relying on very limited sources. I heard about the Iliad and the Odyssey but never got to read it. That would have been a taboo in that school. Still, I was drawn to polytheism even before I knew what was happening! Haha!

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      2. On the bright side you didn’t have to read those books before you were ready! We had to read the Oddysey (or at least parts of it) in school and I did not value it.

        Gosh, I can’t think far enough back to really remember my first books. Probably it was Harry Potter or Hobbit. I don’t think there were too many fantasy books written for that age level… I read HP in 4th or 5th grade.

        Science Fiction didn’t happen until much later, but I still don’t remember. My memory is crap so i wish I lived in a sci-fi world where they can enhance your memory.

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  2. I’m glad that I am not the only adult (?) who has read The Hobbit three time ^_^ Duuuuune. I too tried to read it but as an ebook and could not get into it, so I checked it out from the library. Mrs NW, I think your questions were better 😉

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  3. First Science fiction book – Have Spacesuit Will Travel – I found it in my high school library when I was hiding out there. The perfect escape.

    First fantasy book – The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant Book 1 – I inhaled it. The sheer scope of the story and world-building blew me away … and yes, Thomas was an asshole.

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  4. That was fun. I’m a huge Scott Lynch fan too. He needs to write more books! I think the first science fiction book I read was Earth Abides by George Stewart. It was written in 1949! It’s still one of my favorites. I read it about 40 years ago and remember it like it was yesterday. 🙂

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